Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Try it Yourself Tuesday!

DIY Striped Grey and White Walls

I love the look of striped walls so I had to do the office/spare room in stripes. Here are the 8 steps it takes to get the awesome wall you have always maybe wanted. I Suggest that you use a level, frog tape, and a second eye to view the tape line before beginning the paint.

Step 1. Choose a feature wall and pick your colors and grab the supplies. You will need: paint, paint brush & roller, frog tape(works awesome) or painting tape, a level, and some time. 

Step 2. Decide how many stripes you would like to have, you can make the stripes large or small. 

Step 3. Measure the wall from top to bottom to find the total height of the wall and divid that to see how many inches/centimetres you need to mark for each stripe.

Step 4. Start taping.

Step 5. Get someone to see if they think the lines are straight because after awhile you will have no clue, lol, plus their is no going back after the paint goes on. 

Step 6. Paint away. 

Step 7. Paint away again.
Step 8. Peel away the tape and admire you new awesome wall:) 

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