Friday, 30 November 2012

Roberto Cavalli. BEAUTIFUL!

What just happened????

Does anyone else go to the mall having intentions to pick one thing up and leaving with much more? I have gotten pretty good at saying no over the last couple years because of strict budgeting(thank you husband). I went to go buy a holiday necklace to go with my holiday dress and I found myself wandering into stores just to look, wink wink, as we all know what that leads to. Anyways here are some of my finds of my days adventures. 

 Gap pants; that were, get this $4.97 originally $69.95, WTF! First pair of pants I have bought for $5, not sure what kind of loss they are taking but its my gain so whatever. I will be wearing these for my upcoming trip to Vegas because it will be much warmer then the cold north. 

BTW, do people in Vegas dress in winter fashion in December? I just can not picture them walking around in fur, layers, all in warm winter colors. hmmm I guess I will find out soon enough. I am totally going to take a picture if I see someone decked out in winter gear in plus 20, lmao.
Stay tuned.

 mmmmm. Try to walk by the freakin cinnamon bun store and not get one, okay and then not get the 4 pack, okay and then not get up sold to the 6 pack for 2.50 more:( At least the Vegas outdoor pools are closed for the season. YES!
Soapy soap soap soap! Addicted to Bath&Body Works and 5 for $20 seems so reasonable. ????? That is only after the addiction has taken you over and when you live a spoiled life of having your hands smell like gingerbread men. 

Day 3. Friday lotto max ticket purchased. check.

Thursday, 29 November 2012
Yes please!! I had to share these Christian Louboutin shoes because WOW they are awesome.

Damn you Pinterest!!!

Pinterest I love you and hate you!!! I am on this whole DIY kick lately (painting, bracelets, painted a dresser, pillows) and sometimes it works and sometimes it fails.

Makes me dizzy.

This project started as a fail(well at least I thought so) and I managed to turn it around into a win:) 

I also believe that I am extremely indecisive! Some days are worse then others but I almost think that it is okay to not know what you want at first. If I didn't change my mind with the above painting I would have still been upset with its look in my condo.

Today I changed the name of my blog three times and then just picked the original one. ha ha. 

Day 2. Did not delete blog. check.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Here goes anything..... or nothing....or something....

This is a blog all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and i'd like to take a minute just sit right there.....and I will tell you how I became?(aging myself much). I guess I am not anyone that special I am just a girl from Northern Canada who wants to share her life with the world or whoever reads this. I am a wife. I am a proud momma of two cats named Tokyo and Monaco. I am seeking ways to improve myself and pursue my passions. I am unsure. I am sure hoping none of my family and friends discover I am blogging(because I mostly am more comfortable sharing with complete strangers then them, makes almost no sense). 

I am hoping that by accomplishing my goal of starting this blog it will document my efforts to become the person I know deep down I can and will be!!! and I guess if not I can always retreat and delete and hope that this all gets lost in cyber space. 

 monaco. 4ish years old. a beautiful snob.
 tokyo. 3ish years old. a mischievous never ending meower.
husband. 5 years together. married 6mnths. love of my life.

Day 1. Start Blog. Check.